Vancouver, WA: Salmon Creek Park

Salmon Creek ParkIt’s rare that I find myself exploring the natural areas in Vancouver, Washington, despite the fact that it’s only a few miles away. Mostly, it’s because there are so many options in and around Portland. However, on one spectacular day, my friend Cassie and I decided to visit the Salmon Creek Park and Greenway Trails. This is a low impact walk on paved trails that wind along the river. The park is a preserve for wild, native birds and animals of all kinds and they are everywhere throughout the 130 acres.

Duck in Salmon Creep Park in Vancouver. WAOne of the bonuses of this place is that it’s great for families and picnicking. There are play-scapes, picnic tables, and grills near the parking lot and plenty of duck butts to watch bobbing in the nearby pond. The area is beautiful, and if you want to explore, you can take the 3-mile, out-and-back trail for a bit of walking or biking.

Bring grillables or a picnic and enjoy the natural areas around you in the Salmon Creek Park! Here’s a map to help you find it.

Maps: Download directions and PDF by clicking on the image below.

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 10.59.50 AM

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