Advertising and Graphic Design

My advertising and graphic design career began while working for TransWestern Publishing from 2001 – 2004. I created print advertising, presented ad campaigns, and sold advertising space to local businesses. In 2004, I was awarded the Grand Master award as the #7 sales employee in the company out of over 2000 employees, and took on the role and responsibilities of Corporate Trainer. My experience designing, selling and training others to design ads really began there, but over the course of the last 20 years, I have created hundreds of unique ads, logo designs, and promotional campaigns for businesses of all sizes and industries.

DATAVERSITY – Director of Marketing (current employer)

In 2012, I began working as a freelance marketing professional for DATAVERSITY. By 2017 my successes warranted the CEO’s invitation to hire me in-house as their Director of Marketing. In the early years of my work for the company, DATAVERSITY needed help building their brand awareness and expanding their customer reach, then they needed additional emphasis on their conference attendance and sales of sponsorships, and most recently my focus has been on the promotion of new products being released in the company’s new online training platform. As my role changed over the years, the advertising and graphics I create has evolved and matured, but continues to increase company revenues each year.

Through a combination of various print and online advertising campaigns, redesigning the event-branded websites, and by utilizing insights derived from in-house data analytics and consumer engagement data, my work has helped to increase sponsor sales revenues up by 160%. In the years following being brought in-house, conference attendance and total revenues steadily increased by an average of 18% annually between 2017 and 2019. And, one of my biggest design projects for the company, which was completed in 2019, was the unveiling of a new more modern website design for the face-to-face events the company planned to host in the future. See the before and after website designs below.

The biggest challenge I have ever faced came early in 2020. DATAVERSITY’s primary revenue drivers were the training conferences they hosted, and due to COVID-19 restrictions all were canceled or pivoted into virtual events. As staff all around me were being furloughed and event revenues were lost, I quickly shifted the brand’s marketing messaging, adjusted regular customer communications, updated website designs, and revised paid ad graphics and campaigns to meet the companies new needs. These quick changes have saved hundred’s of thousands of dollars in sponsor and attendee revenues, and directly contributed to revenue increases of over 700% on the sale of online training products, as compared to 2019.

SUSAN HANFIELD – freelance

Even though I don’t do much freelance work these days, there is one client I’ve been working with for over eight years now. Initially, Susan Hanfield asked for my help to update her website portfolio of acting, narrating, and modeling work, but it quickly turned into a complete website redesign and building her as the brand. Over the years I have continued to help her with designing new graphics, promotional materials, and media kits. I’m particularly proud of a promotional kit I designed for her to customize and send to publishers and industry recruiters, with resulted in her receiving over a dozen new projects in the three months following her new website and promotional package launch.


Screen shot 2012-03-28 at 4.41.17 PMOne fun example is from a freelance advertising project I was asked to do with the Zion Adventure Company (ZAC). ZAC offers guides, equipment, and expert advice to the visitors of Zion National Park. ZAC’s management team asked me to help them develop a marketing campaign and park visitor outreach promotion. My completed print design project is pictured to the left, just click on the thumbnail to view.

CORAZZO DESIGNS – Marketing Manager

Another campaign I designed and managed involved my work as Marketing Manager for Corazzo Designs, a motorcycle apparel company, and a new cleaning product on the market. The goal of the campaign was to show how “well-loved” Corazzo jackets were by their owners, and how clean those loved jackets could get when using this new product. I photographed and developed a social media campaign around the before-and-after images of dirty Corazzo jackets. As a result of the campaign, we increased jacket sales by 25% and sales of our cleaning products by over 1200% in just 3 months. You can see samples of the photographs I took in the slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During my years working at Corazzo, I was also responsible for writing, designing, and managing the content within their monthly newsletters and email marketing, as well as launching their new eCommerce website. I processed and updated the graphics and descriptions on more than 700 product SKUs, and took their email newsletter subscriber base from 650 people to over 4,500 subscribers in just 18 months. Dealer Magazine even featured a blog about the newsletter, saying “I get a couple of e-mail newsletters and one of the best comes from Corazzo”
Learn more about my copy writing experience and this review here.

Screen shot 2012-03-28 at 3.01.46 PM



I designed a color-changing coffee mug for the 2017 solar eclipse celebration for the owners of the Rough N’ Refined cafe and eatery in Lusk, WY.


I am fluent in the most recent versions of Adobe design software including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. Have experience with product and model photography, and a keenly creative eye for graphic layouts and designs.

If you would like more information about my advertising and graphics design experience, or would like me to help you design a new campaign for your brand or product, please contact me.

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