About Me

Maybe I was born with the travel bug.

Laura in San FranciscoBoth my parents did a ton of traveling before they met.  Mom spent a year in Japan as an exchange student, and my father hitched all over the eastern seaboard and went to college in Maine. They both wound up  in Puerto Rico working as electrical engineers for the Navy. A few years after having me, we moved to the Florida Keys and then onto Connecticut by the time I was ready to start preschool.

It seems that all my major life decisions have been based on my travel desires, from buying my first car at 17 years old to choosing the college I attended. My love for travel helped me move out West at age 25, and has played a role in all my adult vocational choices, too.

During my college years, I spent 4 months in Europe walking over 1,800 miles with The Walk in Europe program at Franklin Pierce University, where I graduated with a BS in International Business.

In 2005, I left everything I knew to “find my smile.” I spent 22 days driving 8,300 miles through the U.S. My route took me through CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD, VI, TN, AL, MI, LA, TX, NM, AZ, CA, and finally to Portland, Oregon, where I have lived ever since.

Over the years I have attended more than 50 scooter rallies across the country with my vintage Vespa. I worked as the Northwest Tour Manager for the Sobe Luv Bus tour in 2006 and 2007, where I executed over 750 live promotional events. That position required travel 100% of the time for nine months each year, and I explored cities in at least 34 states and recorded more than 300,000 miles behind the wheel in less than two years, not to mention exploring dozens of national parks and natural areas on my days off.

For the last 20+ years, I have been writing about my travels in journals and on my private blog. All told, I’ve been to 6 countries and explored 47 states in the U.S.

My travel blog is not only my creative outlet, but is another way I express my passion for marketing and promoting small businesses in my community and around the world. In many of my blog posts you will read about my personal experiences and get a glimpse at some of the restaurants, hotels, and other businesses I explore along the way. I hope you will help me in supporting the businesses in your local area and that you will enjoy reading my posts. After all, the reason I write is to make my travel experiences available to everyone.

I hope you enjoy my blog.
While you’re here why not check out my Videos, Referrals, and Resume.


Laura Anne Lucht


2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Deb, I am excited to report I have enlisted the help of one of my clients, a very good travel consultant. She has found a couple great options for us. I’ll be in touch soon with details. She’s traveling right now, so it might be a couple weeks, but it’s coming.

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