Yellowstone National Park 2006: Mother Nature’s Best Creation

Working on the SoBe Luv Bus tour had its high points, like when we planned a trip through Yellowstone National Park on a day off.

Minutes after we entered the park we encountered a mother buffalo and her baby jogging in the road. We began to see the landscape change as we moved through old burned forests and lush fields filled with buffalo and elk.

Some of the greatest mineral formations can be found here, as well as some of the most famous geysers in the world. One thing is certain: seeing is believing.

We saw many geologic wonders and wild animals coexisting in this magical environment. This trip made me realize that our national parks are the jewels of our country. If it weren’t for past presidents preserving these areas, they may have been destroyed long ago.

I hope the photos I have shared inspire you to visit Yellowstone, or any national park for that matter.


• Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner (658 Kb pdf)

• New road updates will be regularly posted to our Road Construction page throughout the summer.

• Yellowstone Today: Our Official Park Newspaper – Seasonal park information and past editions.

• Backcountry Trip Planner – Our most important publication for those planning to do some backcountry camping during their visit.

• Beyond Roads End (618K pdf) – A pamphlet that provides regulations and guidelines for backcountry travel in Yellowstone.

• Official Park Map (large pdf, ai & jpeg formats) (small html maps)

My photos:

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One thought on “Yellowstone National Park 2006: Mother Nature’s Best Creation

  1. Really nice Laura; the layout, the pictures are wonderful. It makes me want to explore out West and the National Parks — it’s so important that they be preserved in all their wildness.

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