Craigmore Creations (2010-12)

“Laura is a self-directed worker. She has many creative ideas and the energy to implement these ideas.  Laura is also a fun person to have on a work team.  She consistently brought her enthusiasm to the office, the conventions, and team building trips.”
-David Shapiro, Creative Director & owner, Craigmore Creations 

“Laura is a hard working and enthusiastic person to work with. She has many creative ideas that could benefit any organization. She built the marketing efforts at Craigmore Creations from scratch and was diligent in her work.”
– Erica MelvilleOperations Manager, Craigmore Creations worked directly with Laura at Craigmore Creations

“Laura Burke is a dedicated and skilled manager, paying attention to details as well as big picture. Her creativity and skills allow her to multi-task and create successes. Laura provides a lot of support and her fun, professional energy is a great part of the company.”
– Jake DockterMarketing Assistant, Craigmore Creations reported to Laura at Craigmore Creations


Corazzo Designs (2008-10)

“Corazzo’s E-mail Newsletter — Great Stuff”, “…everything most e-mail is not — engaging, entertaining, easy on the eyes and educational (Yay for e words!).”

-Dealer News Magazine 

My greatest accomplishments in this position were my monthly email newsletters and my ability to build brand identity through promotions.  The newsletters were designed by me to help develop a bond between product, subject interests and consumer interaction. While managing the customer subscriptions and newsletter content I was able to increase readership by more than 450% to nearly 7,000 readers in less than 15 months.  In the wake of the newsletter’s success the company not only saw an increase in brand loyalty, but also overall sales, website traffic, and advertising ROI as well.


SoBe Beverage Co. (2006-07)

“Laura was a pleasure to work with at Sobe. I had the opportunity to work with her at the US Open Snowboarding Championships in Vermont. We had tough challenges with snowy weather but Laura’s strong, organized and a hard worker. Her efficiency and persistance were unmatched. I would recommend Laura to anyone!”
– Ray TeerinkLovebus Tour Manager, SoBe Beverages, September 16, 2010


Verizon FIOS – Pierce Promotions (2005-06)

“Laura is a great co worker, she is always very professional and can take control of a situation when she needs to think on her feet. She has always been able to get a job done with minimal direction. Laura is a very intelligent, self starter and has a great personality. Laura comes highly recommended and I would be honored to work with her again someday!”
– Holly WoodruffSenior Market Manager, Pierce Promotions worked directly with Laura at Pierce Promotions


TransWestern Publishing (2001-04)

“After working a number of years together at TransWestern Publishing, I would say Laura is an innovator, a strong leader, and a high achiever.” August 24, 2010
Victoria FastProfessional Sales Representative, Johnson & Johnson worked with Laura at TransWestern Publishing


Impact Group (2001)

“Laura could be counted on to execute her responsibilities with care and precision and was available if any extra help was needed.”

“She truly was an asset to this program.”

Impact Group referral letter (PDF)

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