Thermopolis Wyoming: Home to the World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs

As we passed through Wyoming, we made sure to visit Todd’s Grandma in Thermopolis, home to the world’s largest mineral hot springs; the Safari Club restaurant and hotel; and the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.  It’s a great little town for a natural history getaway.

We had a nice steak dinner at the Safari Club and admired the big game prizes mounted throughout the restaurant, but the truth is we stayed at the Best Western across the street. The prices were cheaper there ($120/night) and it was still a very nice all-suite hotel. The pool was filled using the mineral water and the hot tub was directly connected to a spring. At first the smell of sulfur filled our noses, but the sensational feeling the mineral water gave us was worth every whiff.

Just a quick walk away, you can see mineral spring formations and a couple hundred feet beyond that you can pay a small fee to hit the mineral waterslide park nearby. The waterslides and natural caves were so cool to experience. While in town, we played nine holes at the local golf course. Well, I watched Todd play golf while I walked the course, played with the young deer and laughed at Todd as I drove him nuts with the cart. It was very affordable and well-maintained, despite the dry heat they experience in the summer.

The second part of the journey was to see the Dinosaur Museum. It was fascinating. Although it was fairly small, we could have spent half the day in there staring at the skeletons. There were so many awesome fossils to look at here, and even an area were you can watch the scientists at work. Just outside the Museum was a small pub. We stopped for a bite to eat and a beer to cool us down. It was a local spot so we got a few funny looks when we walked in, but they were nice and the food was good. Unfortunately I don’t recall the name of this little place – just that it was very close to the museum, and it had enough parking for the 36 foot SoBe Luv bus.

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