Marketing Chaos

What does Marketing mean to you?

“The academic study of marketing makes extensive use of social sciences, psychology, sociology, mathematics, economics, statistics, anthropology, and neuroscience.  The profession is now widely recognized as a science, ending with promotional activities based on numerous creative strategies.”

I am an experienced marketing executive who specializes in planning and running event promotions, marketing management, and designing end-to-end advertising and promotional campaigns and creatives.

Marketing Chaos is what I call my freelance work, because not only do I utilize many aspects of marketing listed below, but I’m comfortable and experienced in working across many different industries, such as beverages and foods, apparel, toy, travel, book publishing, education, and entertainment.

Interested in learning more about me? Check out my experience links below or contact me directly to set up an interview today.

In my 20+ years experience I have managed the following responsibilities:

Event Promotions
Social Networking
Advertising and Graphic Design
E Commerce
Brand Development
Website Design and Management
Copy Writing

And, a whole lot more!

Website & Graphic DesignCopy Writing


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