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Early in my marketing career, I would tell people I didn’t really do copy writing, but as it turns out, I have been copy writing for over 11 years now. Sometimes we see ourselves as less than qualified until an outside source points out our greatness. For me, this came in 2010 when Dealer Magazine gave praise to my email newsletters, “Corazzo’s E-mail Newsletter — Great Stuff,” “…everything most e-mail is not — engaging, entertaining, easy on the eyes and educational (Yay for e words!).” After that, I began to take copy writing seriously and now offer my writing experience to my clients.

Corazzo Design 2008 – 2010, 2012.

Corazzo’s E-mail Newsletter — Great Stuff
By Dennis Johnson

I get a couple of e-mail newsletters and one of the best comes from Corazzo, the company that designs and manufacturers riding gear aimed at the scootering crowds. I’ve been a big fan of Corazzo since seeing them at Dealer Expo a few years back. As a longtime scooter nut I was stoked to see that founder and president Bradford Duval the GLARING dearth of products that would appeal to the scooter niche — a very niche-y niche at that.
Newsletter 2009
For some reason known only to them, some scooter riders feel perfectly OK riding around in shorts and T-shirts and sometimes flip-flops… [Unfortunately this is the only part of the article that remains online, the Dealer magazine blog is no longer active]

Other Copy Writing:

Corazzo’s July Email Newsletter

Corazzo’s August Email Newsletter

Corazzo’s September Email Newsletter

Craigmore Creations:

I wrote all of Craigmore’s email communications from their inception to January of 2012.

More coming soon!

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