Seattle, WA: Check for Butterflies Before You Go!

Tropical plants at Tropical Butterfly HouseThe Pacific Science Center is home to many different exhibits, but one of my favorites is the Tropical Butterfly House. The Butterfly House is a beautiful way to enjoy fluttering butterflies, their colorful wings, and a warm tropical garden. It opened on December 26, 1998, with the goal of utilizing the 4,000 square foot exhibit space as an immersive exhibit that would provide a peek “into a part of the world very unlike Seattle — a warm, sunny place where colorful butterflies are active 365 days a year.” – PSC. As you know, Seattle’s skies do not offer a large amount of light, which is necessary for these tropical species to survive. “Supplemental heat, light, and humidity are provided to sustain a tropical ecosystem among the cool, grey, drizzly days of the Pacific Northwest.” – PSC

butterfly at Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WAThe Tropical Butterfly House imports almost 500 tropical butterflies each week, from South and Central America, Africa, and Asia. The butterflies are responsibly raised in sustainable rainforest farms. “We are proud to participate in the positive economic, cultural, and environmental impacts butterfly farming makes throughout the world.” – PSC

If you live in Seattle or are visiting and the weather has got you down, take a trip to the butterfly house and sit with these delicate creatures in the warm tropical air for a while and you will quickly feel totally relaxed and renewed. Just make sure to check for butterflies before you leave.

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