Hello world!

I have been writing a private blog about my travels and passions for most of my life.  I started writing in journals when I was just a little girl, but for the past 5 years I have been working on my own website were I can share these experiences with my friends and family.

The old website was hosted as a .mac account so I never had a web address that was easy to remember. The only people who had that address were the people I traveled with and a couple of family members who asked for it. Today I begin writing my very first personal message to the world. I am excited to make my travels available to all my readers. My hope is to help people seek the best travel experience they can and to inspire people to explore beyond their comfort zone.

For the next few weeks I will transfer some of my old posts to this new blog, so that you can catch up on where I’ve been. I will post a couple a week until I am caught up. I hope you enjoy this journey through my past! This was a good place to start.

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