Tasty n Sons is Very Tasty!

Radicchio Salad at Tasty and Sons in portland, OROver the past few months I found myself looking for excuses to go to Tasty n Sons or Tasty n Alder for their Radicchio Salad with lardons, manchego, and chopped six-minute egg. Man, oh, man, is that a robust and flavorful meal and a pretty healthy dish too. Although that plate is what brings me there, I always try a couple other sharable plates once they have me gazing at the menu.

My most recent Tasty n Alder experience opened my taste buds to the wonders of their Skillet Corn Cake, Goat Cheese Dumplings Arrabiata  (Portland Creamery supplied the cheese for this one), and the Bread & Butter side. I’m not usually one to go for bread and butter especially since I’ve redesigned my diet to fit within a much healthier lifestyle, but wow! The bread was so soft and delicious, I had to have more than one piece to dip in the incredible tomato-based sauce the dumplings were swimming in. Let’s not forget the bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with almonds, either.

Now, let’s just say that everything I’ve ever eaten at the Tasty restaurants has been outstanding, but I must warn you… They know it and so does everyone else. The wait list is sometimes over an hour, tables are crammed together, and the noise is deafening at times. I’m not saying it isn’t worth it, but I have turned around at the door on occasion when I notice it like this. That’s just me.

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