Jackson Hole: One beautiful place!

Just another stop on the map. We were headed for Yellowstone National Park in the SoBe “Luv Bus”. As usual, the bus was crawling up the 17% incline to this peak. We had to drive back over this pass after being turned away at the gate of Yellowstone. The SoBe bus was too commercial for the gate attendant. We were planning on spending our days off in the park, but were officially turned away.

It really seems unfair that the Go-RVing people can advertise their RV rentals on the side of their RV’s and no one stops them from entering the park.

Anyway, I still love Yellowstone and I will return in a less commercial vehicle again some day.

Jackson Hole is a valley encompassed by mountains. The valley is 48 miles long and 8 to 15 miles wide, and the valley floor slopes from 6,779 feet above sea level in the north to about 6,069 feet at the southern end.

The Snake River, originating in the high country of Yellowstone, makes its meandering way through the valley, fed by streams and rivers, such as the Gros Ventre River and Flat Creek. Along the western side of the valley, the famous Teton Mountains rise into the sky, a sharp soaring of rock without the preamble of foothills to separate the massive mountains from the valley floor. Several lakes lie along the base of the range; among them is large Jackson Lake. Grand Teton, the tallest mountain in the range, is 13,772 feet above sea level, towering over Jenny Lake at its base. In the valley to the east, the Gros Ventre (Big Belly) Mountains roll up a little more gently from the valley floor.

Grand Teton National Park occupies most of the valley of Jackson Hole, preserving the towering peaks of the Teton Mountains and the beautiful glacial lakes. The native wildlife includes moose, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, elk, grizzly and black bear, bison, and trumpeter swans. To the delight of the park’s visitors, many of the large animals roam undisturbed across the valley floor, and numerous trails lead into the mountains to satisfy adventurers. Today the park includes 485 square miles or 310,000 acres. JHCC

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