Ogden Valley: Summer Family Fun

This year feels like the year of the family with reunions, weddings, and birthday bashes, too! The first of many family trips began on June 21st in Huntsville, UT. Huntsville is located in the Ogden Valley, a small valley surrounded by huge mountains and some of the best ski resorts.

Several members of Todd’s family made arrangements to share a large condo at the Wolf Creek Resort just outside Eden in the Ogden Valley. Little did they know, the condo had a full-size theater with a half dozen double recliner chairs and two huge bean bags. I think we all screamed a little when we found it. The five-bedroom condo had many terrific features including a private hot tub, despite the shared pool and tub in the the backyard, and many different rooms so we could all spread out.

Our first night of reunion activities kicked off with a dinner at the Red Cliff Ranch.  Pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, and potato salad were just the main course. It was the Dutch Oven peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream that knocked my socks off. That and the fantastic service made the night the perfect way to kick off the reunion.

One of the prominent features of the valley is the Pineview Dam and Reservoir. This beautiful reservoir is perfect for swimming, boating and fishing. One of the activities offered at the reunion was a spectacular day of wake boarding with Tony from All-Action Sports. Not only was Tony knowledgeable, he was great with our entire group and a wide range of experience levels. His patience with the beginners was outstanding. I would highly recommend a day on the water with All-Action Sports.

While some of the family participated in a round of golf, Todd’s cousins and I explored the trails in the Ogden Canyon and the Red Cliff area. We found an old bear cave alongside the road in the Scenic Ogden Canyon, but we were nervous about going all the way through it without a light. At about lunch time, we stopped at a small cafe in Eden to grab a bite to eat . The Mad Mouse Cafe‘s salads were everything we were looking for and way more than we expected. I could tell it was family-owned and operated; they were so friendly and even offered a free cookie or mini cinnamon roll with every order.

The Ogden Valley turned out to be the perfect summer gathering spot. Many people come to this valley in the winter for exceptional mountain sports. However, the summer months boast cheaper rentals, less people, and great weather for water sporting. The long weekend reunion went by way too fast. Our days were filled with getting to know extended family, making new friends, eating tons of food, and we all had a great time doing it together.

Thanks to Marla Mott-Smith for organizing the whole darn thing!

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2 thoughts on “Ogden Valley: Summer Family Fun

  1. It was a great time! Thanks for all your patience, Laura! Sharing a condo for the first time with extended family can be a BIT stressful, but you handled it like a pro! Love ya!

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