Seattle, WA: Shhh, Only the Cool Locals Know!

One of my first trips to Seattle was while visiting my family in Oregon before I lived there myself. I wanted to see the iconic city I’d seen in movies and heard about from friends. I did most of the touristy stuff and felt like there had to be things to do in the city that only the locals knew about, right? Well, fortunately for me, my uncle (not a local, but a Pacific Northwesterner) knew a few cool spots! I have also discovered a few of my own cool spots. Please share any places you have found in the comment section.

Gum Wall: What to say about this treasure, hmm. Well, it’s colorful and eclectic, but I wouldn’t touch it if you paid me. There is enough DNA on this wall to gross anyone out. The tradition began with people waiting to enter a local theater. As folks removed their gum before entering, a few started to stick them to the walls. The employees tried at first to clean the wall, but after realizing it was growing quickly they abandoned the idea of trying to keep it clean and now it is what it is! A sight to see in the city. It is near the Public Market, I can tell you that, but click on the link to learn more and to find this hidden gem.

The Fremont Troll: This is probably my favorite hidden gem in the city. I like it because it’s not easy to find, yet many have found it, it has endless photo possibilities, and the troll is holding a full-size vintage VW Beetle in his hand! It is brilliantly crafted from concrete. To get there, travel north over the Fremont Bridge and exit to the right as soon as possible. Don’t miss this exit. It’s literally at the end of the bridge. Once you have exited to the right, take your first possible right and travel down the hill a few blocks. You should take another right as if to head under the bridge. When you see the street sign for Troll Avenue, you are there. Parking isn’t always easy, but you can’t miss this opportunity. Another thing I’ve noticed is that people are pretty respectful of the amount of time they spend shooting pictures and playing on the troll so that everyone gets a bit of time alone with him. Help keep this tradition by allowing others to get a picture without you in it and they will likely do the same in return.

Best kept sushi secret in Seattle!

Mashiko Sushi Restaurant in West Seattle: haha! Well, if you follow my blog at all you would know I LOVE sushi, and I can’t help but promote this hot spot located in West Seattle. Don’t you dare go without a reservation. You absolutely must order one of their Omakase sushi platters to start. The chefs are extraordinary and the fish is even more so. It’s all sustainable, fresh, and unique in its presentation. It IS the best sushi I have ever eaten, and that goes for every time I have been there.

Something from another blogger:

I am not a big drinker, but I thought this was a pretty good article for you “dive bar” types. Give it a read! Dive Bar Insider

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