Wow! Food in San Jose, CA… Who Knew?

IT’s been some time since my last visit to San Jose, but I still think about the meals I had at two restaurants in the downtown area. Back a Yard and SuperGood Kitchen.IMG_0026

So, let’s start with SuperGood Kitchen. My coworker and I had a craving for ramen and also for food that wasn’t prepared for our conference attendees. No offense Marriott, but it’s not great. I scrolled through yelp to see what was close enough for us to walk to from the Convention center downtown, and there it was. SuperGood Kitchen, fresh ingredients, amazing flavors, and some of the best ramen I’ve had in years. The broth was meaty and creamy, and the egg was poached perfectly so it melted in your mouth. I wish this place was close to home, because it is a favorite.

While my company was working our conference the same week I found the SuperGood Kitchen, we also discovered a Jamaican restaurant called Back a Yard that was dishing out some seriously authentic jerk meals with sweet and savory plantains, but the winner for several of us was the ox tail dish. OH MY GOODNESS! this was so delicious. I’ve even considered flying to San Jose just to eat there again. If any of you are in this area, you really must get to these two yummy places!


IMG_0028 IMG_0029

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