Antelope Slot Canyon in Page, AZ: One Happenin’ Lil’ Town

On our way to the Grand Canyon, we stayed the night at the Best Western in Page, AZ, and I have to say it is one happenin’ li’l town. It’s situated in Glen Canyon, and the Colorado River and Lake Powell run alongside it so there’s no shortage of fun water activities for you boating types. We didn’t have access to a boat, but we did enjoy the tour of the slot canyons very much. I developed a true appreciation for water’s beauty when I toured the Antelope Slot Canyon with the Navajo Indian Tour Company. I loved this adventure.

Antelope Slot Canyon is not far outside of town and the guided tour has several in-town meeting points. We paid a small fee to experience these canyon passageways. The best time to go is mid-morning, when beams of sunlight shoot through the tall walls of the canyon. The height of these slots is nearly 75 feet, and each year thousands of gallons of water rush through them and change their formations. To learn more about the guided tour, visit

Page may be happenin’, but it’s the wonder and power of water that is magical and fierce here.  I would say it’s Mother Nature’s best weapon and her best asset, too.

We walked to the Glen Canyon Dam from our hotel. Of course, this isn’t the only water to explore. You must see Lake Powell, too.

“[Lake Powell] resides both in Utah and in Arizona. It stretches 186 miles in length and covers over 160,000 acres, which contain over 95 major canyons. The Lake is fed by five rivers: the Green River, the Colorado River, the San Juan River, the Escalante River, and the Dirty Devil River. It is home to more than 170 species of birds, about 800 different mammals, and over a dozen reptile species. It is paradise in the desert.” – Chief Tsosie

After a long day in the canyons or on the lakes, you can look forward to several pubs and restaurants for food and drink. I suggest a stop at Ken’s Old West for a wild-west rough and rowdy night. They serve great steaks and they had a decent salad bar when we were there. They also have live music and very stiff drinks.

Ken’s Old West
718 Vista Avenue,
Page, AZ 86040
(928) 645-5160 ‎

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